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15 Jul

An Idyllic Massachusetts Island through an Ecologist’s Eyes

Most of us who live anchored to a continent can easily list off a few perks to island life: plentiful white-sand beaches, unobstructed ocean vistas, dramatic sunrises, and freedom from urban noise and air pollution. If you’ve spent some time on coastal islands or peninsulas you may also remember to mention that the climate is milder, offering a pleasant respite in summer from the scorching heat of mainland towns and cities. On the Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard, average highs in the summer months of July and August hover around...

30 May

On Becoming a Road Warrior

A Good Warrior Lovingly Tends to Their Steed Your bike has faced a long period of neglect in the basement this winter, and if you’re like me, you’ve probably shamefully used your fair-weather pleasure machine as an impromptu drying rack. After removing the moldering socks you thought you lost, it’s tempting to ignore the possibility that your bike may need some mechanical attention before hitting the roads. If you want to be a road warrior in 2017, it starts with a spa treatment for your noble steed. It’s best to give your bike...

charity ride in vt
24 May

The Ride of a Lifetime; Riding For a Lifeline

Your blissful slumber is shattered by your 6:30 alarm, blaring Sheryl Crow’s “All I want to do”. That seemed like a good idea on Friday, when all you wanted to do was have some fun, but now that it’s Monday morning, all you want to do is eviscerate the electronic guts of your phone and drift back into the warm sublime. But it’s Monday, and your idling consciousness is starting to pick up the pieces of where you left off yesterday, while hastily sweeping away every morsel of your subconscious fantasies....

23 Apr

Vermont: The Cyclist’s Paradise

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The half-eaten pint of Ben in Jerry’s in the freezer is the only connection many people may have to Vermont. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you have my permission to raid your neighbor’s freezer (say it’s for education purposes). Although Vermont is somewhat of a runt compared to the rest of its forty-nine siblings, it’s assets are disproportionally large. Vermont has been in the news a bit more due thanks to Bernie Sanders, but this strong, little state has always possessed a rebellious, unconventional flavor. And it’s this flavor that...

23 Feb

How to Become a Diehard Cyclist

Upgrade from your mother’s (or grandmother’s) bike that was likely manufactured from a recycled WWII airplane You know exactly what I am talking about. The bike probably lived in the barn for several decades before you rescued it, it may have three speeds (but probably has one), the thing weighs as much as a Harley, and you only enjoy the ride when you go downhill…and when you get off. Purchase a helmet that doesn’t look like a bowling ball cut in half Do yourself a favor by ditching that helmet that you dug...

2 Feb

A Week of Travel is Worth a Year in the Office.

Life is too short not to travel. As trite as this phrase may be, it is so honestly, terribly, regrettably true. As a twenty-something year old male myself, I don’t quite have the years under my belt to personally verify this adage, but speaking to anyone older than I about the passage of time, the song remains the same: I can remember when I was your age…my goodness, where has the time gone?...

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