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Microsoft built treehouse workspaces for employees (https://blogs.microsoft.com/jobs/meet-me-in-the-trees/)



We’ve all listened with fascination to tales of office reef tanks and treehouse desks, company ping-pong tournaments and daily happy hours. (Okay, maybe you hadn’t heard of treehouse desks, but now you have!) Whether you’d actually want to climb a tree as part of your daily commute, you can’t help daydreaming about what it might be like to work at one of these crazy tech companies where everyone works hard and plays hard and is staffed by totally cool people – right?



The fact is, we crave engagement with coworkers and with our work.  Research shows that employees value positive work culture above material benefits,[i] and that engaged employees generate up to 28% more revenue than their disengaged counterparts.[ii] Engaged employees are more likely to come up with creative solutions to problems, arrive to work early, and turn down outside job offers. What drives this kind of engagement? Crazy workspaces and corporate ping-pong competitions might be a piece of it, but ultimately these quirks are getting at something pretty basic: shared experience.



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Increasingly, savvy company executives are looking for creative ways to challenge their teams, increase productivity, cement team bonds, foster interaction between and within departments and provide unique company outings – all while giving employees a chance to relax and have fun together. At Great Freedom Adventures, we specialize in providing memorable, active outdoor experiences that bring people together while making them feel healthy and happy. Nothing bonds a group of people faster or more effectively than completing a physical activity together.



team building Great Freedom Adventures



The Great Freedom Adventures team brings groups to inspiring outdoor places and challenges them to tackle a new activity together with their coworkers. Whether it’s a bike ride through coastal scenery to an estate winery, an invigorating cross-country ski challenge with a fireside s’mores reward, or an exhilarating sailing race in Boston Harbor capped by a gourmet island lunch, our tight-knit team of expert leaders will challenge, educate, and inspire your team members.






Want to do good while having a good time? Great Freedom Adventures partners with community nonprofits or the company’s own charity partner to create memorable fundraising events and corporate challenges. In one day, your team can work together to make a BIG difference in the community by riding or walking to support a cause whilesimultaneously fostering the corporate citizenship mission. Set training goals for the office and “go green” by encouraging bike commuting leading up to a cycling event. Training for and completing a charity cycling or walking challenge feels good and fosters a unique sense of community and accomplishment. Working together, encouraging one another, and pushing limits to accomplish a common goal  will build lasting connection and mutual respect between employees, while the company as a whole effects positive change in the community.



team building Great Freedom Adventures



After tackling the hills of Vermont with your project team by bicycle, you may realize….the coolest people you’ve ever met actually sit at the desks right next to yours. Just don’t be surprised when friends and family want to know more about your office (“Wait, when did you summit Mt. Greylock in snowshoes with your coworkers?”). It’s all part of working hard, playing hard, and making your office the place you really want to be.



Learn more about building stronger teams and all kinds of corporate challenges atGreat Freedom Adventures.



Interested in creating the perfect experience for your office? Contact our experts and we’ll be happy to create a custom adventure tailored to your group’s goals and desires. Make your company one of the coolest places to work and the one where everyone wants to be!



[i] Employees value work culture over pay



[ii] Article: Engagement Drives Results At New Century






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