Friendly, competent, fun, easy-going and knowledgeable – these are adjectives guests commonly use when referring to Cameron. These traits, plus his readiness to assist at all times, causes guests to realize very quickly that this is a person you can rely on. He is a valuable asset to the Great Freedom Adventures team, and is a highly regarded bike tour leader by his guests.

Cameron graduated from Elon in May of 2015 with a degree in finance. Since then, Cameron has been adventuring and working in far-flung locales worldwide. From processing salmon in Alaska to delivering gelato in Australia, managing ski shops in Colorado to leading bicycle tours in New England, Cameron has matched his passion for discovering marvelous new places with his love of meeting awesome new people.

bike tour leader

Cameron has a depth of bike touring experience not just from leading tours for Great Freedom Adventures but also from touring throughout Europe. He and some friends recently roamed through the Balkans and Italy, losing themselves to the beautiful places and collecting wild stories.

When not in the saddle of his road or mountain bike, Cameron can often be found sailing where the winds are strong or golfing where the links are tough. When the temperature drops, Cameron heads west in search of the best snow. He’s an avid skier and snowboarder and gets his winter adrenalin fix on the steep and deep.

Cameron grew up in upstate New York and is knowledgeable about Northeast US from years of travel adventures with friends and ski trips with family. He recently had this to say about leading bike tours for Great Freedom Adventures: “I’m fortunate to be working outside in such an incredible region. I always took its natural beauty for granted but after traveling around the world a bit and then returning to the Northeast, I’ve grown a new appreciation for this place.” Lucky for Great Freedom Adventures’ guests, Cameron loves sharing this regional expertise as well as fun stories about the places he guides guests through.

Because Cameron is a natural leader and a skilled service provider, he knows that leading tours is about more than sharing stories. Each day he can be found hard at work hours before greeting guests in the morning and again hours after parting in the evening. That’s when the myriad behind-the-scenes tasks get done such as cleaning bikes, checking gear or preparing gourmet picnic foods. His goal, as with all Great Freedom Adventures Bike Tour Leaders, is to ensure that everything will be perfect for the guests and that they have an absolutely fabulous tour. Feedback from past guests indicates he’s done just that!

Jeanne Rummel
Great Freedom Adventures Founder