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Don’t settle for second-best on your active travel vacation – you deserve the adventure of a lifetime! Here are some traits to look for when deciding whom to entrust with your big trip:

Great Freedom Adventures Travel Blog
  1. In-Depth Knowledge Of the Region

Choose a tour operator that has a thorough knowledge of the region you’ll be visiting. Ask for details about local attractions, restaurants, and terrain. The best companies will know the tour destinations inside and out. If they are helpful and informative with these details before the trip, the guides are likely to be a fantastic resource throughout your vacation. You’ll be glad you have the people “in the know” looking out for you!

Great Freedom Adventures Travel Blog

          2. Responsiveness

Expect a tour operator to respond to your queries quickly and thoroughly. The company should have materials on hand with more information about tours that interest you, and they should be easy to reach by phone or email. If you have positive, personalized contact with a tour operator before a trip, it’s a good sign that they will be organized and responsive when it really matters….like when you realize you forgot to pack a raincoat!

  1. Flexibility

Discuss different tour offerings with the company. Are they able to recommend a trip that fits your schedule, your travel style, and your individual or family needs? While they may not be able to arrange a personal hair stylist for you every morning, the best tour operators are interested in knowing what you want to get out of your experience. Ask about personalizing your bicycle pedals and handlebars, and about different route options depending on your personal fitness goals.

Great Freedom Adventures Travel Blog
  1. High End Equipment

Look for an operator that invests in good equipment. Ask about what kind of bikes they use and how they maintain them. Does it sound like they know what they are talking about? Most tour operators will include bike rental in the cost of a tour – if they maintain a top-of-the-line fleet this is a HUGE perk! With a good tour company, you’ll get to rock a sweet ride…and it may be hard to go back home to your beach cruiser 😉

  1. Enthusiasm!

Find a tour operator that loves the places you’ll visit and loves being outside! When you ask about trip itineraries, does it sound a little like they want to be there right now? Are they eager to share details about the great food, stunning views, and unique cultures you’ll experience? The best tour operators have a personal passion for their trips. Your guides’ enthusiasm will spill over in a desire to share awesome places and unforgettable experiences with you. But be careful – we hear their passion can be contagious!

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