The Cape and Islands are one of New England’s top summer travel spots, and rightfully so. The area offers beautiful coastal scenery and a plethora of activities to complete the perfect getaway. There are many ways to experience the wonders of the area, however, touring by bicycle on the scenic roads is by far the best option. Great Freedom Adventures provides the best of both worlds on their 6-day Cape and Islands tour where individuals bike throughout the day, and enjoy their nights at gourmet restaurants and boutique hotels. 

The Cape and Island tour has more history, culture and ecology packed into it than any coastal New England bike tour running today. The variety of seascapes, national seashore, quaint historical villages that appeal to a wide variety of adventurers, including ornithologists, environmentalists and active travelers. We’re passionate about the outdoors as well as the villages and habitats that connect natural areas.

The perfect spot to end your day after cycling around Martha’s Vineyard is Summercamp. The hotel is located across from the harbor in the colorful town of Oak Bluffs. Summercamp is designed to allow individuals to reminisce on their childhood while simultaneously enjoying the luxuries of adulthood. Guests can spend their day in the game room playing ping pong while grabbing snacks in the Camp Canteen.  

The History and Renovations

The original Oak Bluff hotel was built by Mr. A.G. Wesley and has been open for business since 1879. Since the original development, the hotel has faced many changes, including the renovations that transformed it into Summercamp. These renovations created 95 spacious rooms and one-of-a-kind amenities for guests.

The Camp Meeting Association held meetings on nearby grounds, so it was important for the proprietors to incorporate that into the new name of the hotel. The hotel expanded on this idea, and used ‘camp’ to create a place to play, refresh, and connect. Summercamp obtained its name by staying true to its history and vision

The Amenities of Summercamp

Summercamp is one of the larger hotels on Martha’s vineyard, offering 95 guest rooms. The rooms range from suites to bunk beds. This hotel has been completely renovated to allow for the best experience for guests. Room amenities include:

  • Free WiFi
  • Porches and balconies with sweeping harbor views
  • Refrigerators
  • High-definition TV
  • Individually controlled Heat & AC
  • Waffle kimono robes
  • Private bath

These amenities allow for an exquisite stay for each guest. In each building, there is a 24-hour hospitality station filled with filtered and sparkling water for guests. 

Just off of the lobby is a game room that offers vintage games such as Twister and ping pong. This spot is perfect for all members of the family to enjoy. After a long day in the game room, guests can venture to the Camp Canteen and enjoy classic summer camp snacks such as Cracker Jacks and Dreamsicles. 

The style and character of the hotel are other unique features of Summercamp. The outside exemplifies the original Victorian style, whereas the inside is filled with pastel colors and pale woods. The decor is bright and playful, filled with plush couches and retro wall art, creating a nostalgic feeling and bringing you back to your childhood.

Martha’s Vineyard houses some of the best spots in New England. The premier way to do that is through Great Freedom Adventures, which will guide you through the island to the reputable spots, along with hidden gems. and provide great accommodations at the end of the day. Summercamp is a one-of-a-kind hotel in Martha’s Vineyard that is perfect for guests of all ages, what better way to enjoy it than after a day of cycling? Let your freedom ride, grab a bike and come join us!