Gravel Grinder Bike Tour, VT & NH Rivers & Ridgelines, Explores Stunning, Seldom Seen Backcountry

Sherborn, MA, February 27, 2019 – Great Freedom Adventures, an expert provider of bike tours, walking trips and active vacations, announces its first gravel grinder bike tour. Gravel grinders are the fastest growing segment in cycling and involve rides or races on a mixed bag of asphalt, dirt and gravel roads. Great Freedom Adventures’ five-day Rivers and Ridgelines Gravel Grinder Bike Tour explores stunning, seldom seen backcountry in Vermont and New Hampshire. The exhilarating dirt road rides evoke the joy of free-spirited childhood bike riding. Scheduled 2019 tours depart July 14th and October 9th or on custom dates by request. Tour packages include lodging, most meals, daily snacks and drinks, maps, cue sheets, guides and vehicle support. Multiple cycling distance options make the tour appropriate for riders at various levels.

gravel grinder bike tour

Gravel grinders continue to surge in popularity because they appeal to so many different kinds of cyclists: racers seeking the next test of speed and stamina, adventurers looking for the next adrenaline rush, athletes striving to improve climbing skills or endurance, and recreational riders simply looking for a scenic slice of serenity.

Vermont is a particular mecca for gravel rides because it has a tremendous network of dirt roads. In fact the state has many more miles of dirt roads than paved ones. And those roads take riders into seldom-travelled countryside where some of the most spectacular scenery will be revealed.

Great Freedom Adventures founder Jeanne Rummel has been biking Vermont’s dirt roads for decades and has selected favorite, treasured routes to share with guests. “It’s been an absolute blast to link together several of the rides I love most for this itinerary,” says Rummel. The carefully designed routes include a couple of oft-photographed farmsteads that riders may recognize from a postcard, calendar or movie.

Great Freedom Adventures’ Rivers and Ridgelines Gravel Grinder Bike Tour is fun for all types of riders with dirt roads that skew to the smoother side. Stretches of ancient roads afford an intriguing glimpse into Vermont and New Hampshire history while cycling past things like a lichen-covered stone foundation, an abandoned cistern or an old root cellar. Throughout, riders will be immersed in landscapes that feel remarkably serene and profoundly peaceful.

The tour encompasses an impressive variety of terrain and scenes – from shaded streamsides to ridgelines with breathtaking views, from picture-perfect dairy farms to vibrant villages, and from hidden hillside sugarbushes to iconic covered bridges. Depending upon the season, riders will see foliage in every shade of green or else those brilliant fall colors for which Vermont and New Hampshire are renowned. For the complete itinerary and tour details, please go to: Rivers and Ridgelines Gravel Grinder Bike Tour.