Active corporate outings, accessible from Boston, Providence and surrounding areas, boost employee cohesion, productivity and morale.


Sherborn, MA, November 20, 2012 – Active travel company Great Freedom Adventures announces the addition of half- or full-day outdoor corporate events to complement existing multi-day tour options. The engaging events combine beautiful landscapes and seascapes with physical activity to build stronger teams, challenge limits, inspire change, promote wellness, boost morale, and reward success at work. The outings provide an effective way to reward valued customers or top fundraisers as well.

Team building activities and event options can include bicycling, hiking, nature walks, kayaking, sailing, skiing and snowshoeing or a combination of these. The outings are designed in accordance with the goals of the business and the interests of the group. With the addition of single- or half-day programs, the corporate outings may now conveniently enhance business meetings, conferences, or sales training.

Great Freedom Adventures founder Jeanne Rummel, brings a comprehensive background to the creation of unique corporate team building outings. She holds a master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a focus on utilizing fitness programs to increase workplace productivity and the mental and physical wellness of employees. Rummel has over 10 years of corporate management experience and 15 years of experience organizing bike tours, multi-sport adventures and charity bike events.

Great Freedom Adventures’ active, outdoor events are a highly effective tool for strengthening team bonds and solidifying corporate missions. The camaraderie that develops on a Great Freedom Adventure improves cooperation and promotes collaboration back at the office. “The improved work performance that results from a shared team vision creates an excellent return on investment to the company,” says Rummel.

The outings provide time and space away from the demands of the office, which allows team members to relax and creative ideas to flourish. The outings encourage engagement and emotional involvement not only with the beautiful settings but also among coworkers. These shared group experiences have the capacity to change the attitude of each employee and to transform the effectiveness of the team as a whole.

Great Freedom Adventures’ outings have the added advantage of combining the significant physical and mental health benefits of exercise with the similar boost to health that results from time spent in nature. Moderate aerobic exercise can improve important brain circuit connectivity and increase performance of cognitive tasks. Time spent in nature has been shown to improve disposition, increase mental clarity and attention, and reduce recovery time from illness. Recent research has shown that the largest positive health changes occurred when people exercised in the outdoors. Thus, active, outdoor team building activities and events have the greatest potential to significantly improve performance in the workplace.

Great Freedom Adventures handles all details of the corporate outing including event planning, itinerary, travel to and from the event, bikes, gear, guides, support throughout the outing and arrangements for meals and special activities as desired. This attention to all details means that company principals are free to focus on meeting or work agendas.

Companies may elect to choose from pre-established itineraries or may opt to customize the tour location and itinerary based upon team goals and interests. Set itineraries are easily accessible from Boston, Providence and the surrounding areas. The events work well for both companies that are based in these areas and businesses coming into the area for meetings or conferences.

Great Freedom Adventures’ outings focus on regions that offer a wealth of natural beauty and cultural offerings. One sample itinerary is The Salt Marsh Bike and Hike Tour of the MA North Shore that explores glacial drumlins, wildlife-filled marshlands, a working heritage farm, and a historic town with numerous first period homes. Cyclists stop at a National Historic Landmark to view the hilltop mansion with its landscaped gardens and grounds, all set off by panoramic ocean views. Participants bike about 17 mostly flat miles along picturesque roads and walk scenic trails through oceanside dunes and along sandy beaches.

A Rhode Island outing, Sparkling Bays and Summer “Cottages”, includes lunch and wine tasting at a scenic vineyard that is on the National Register of Historic Places. Participants bicycle along the coastline, stopping at a national wildlife refuge to take in views of ocean, beach and bird-filled maritime scrub. The ride continues past the iconic Newport mansions, along renowned Ocean Ave, and finishes at historic Fort Adams, site of the America’s Cup. The outing can include dinner in Newport followed by a Ghost Tour.

Eco-kayak excursions explore the ecosystems in salt-water bays and estuaries with their myriad shorebirds and waterfowl. Sailing outings can be timed to enjoy the sunset along with cocktails and views of classic New England lighthouses. Cross-country skiing or snowshoeing outings offer invigorating winter options.

The corporate team building exercises generally include gentle terrain – easy to bike, walk, or ski – that is appropriate for a range of physical abilities. However, for teams seeking a challenge, alternate adventures can be arranged. These may include a mountaintop hike or a distance cycling event. The outings can be timed to take advantage of bird and butterfly migrations, spring blooms or fall foliage.